My Madness Expressed Through Ignorant Art

This is a collection of my mad art. Everything from multimedia pieces I’ve made for shows. To logos or logo ideas. Digital art, and photography. Pages from my insane scrapbooks that you will see me carry IRL. There are images used in my stream and also pieces I plan on using for my merchandise line.

This is part of the darkness inside me, but by letting it out I become human once again. Do not read too deep into it. After all I’m just an ignorant artist

Only time and pain can help add to this gallery. I can promise you that there will be more to come. That’s because time and pain are my only constants. Two of the only things that I can truly count on.

Family and friends go. L0ve fades or outright disappears. Connections fail whether it’s my fault or theirs.

This leaves time and pain only to remain by my side.