That Evol Sound was born in PGH, Pa .

He had a rich, diverse exposure to a variety of different musical genres and scenes from his immediate family and neighborhood.

Evol has always been grateful to the extremely different musical experiences his loved ones helped introduce him to. Until this day he still gives credit to his parents and siblings for the roles they played in his musical tastes. The support they give for his madness is beyond amazing.

By his early teenage years his own musical tastes were developing into solidly formed opinions, but even those spanned the genre spectrum. Everything from the Grunge that was popular, to the East Coast Hip-Hop that surrounded him in his stomping grounds.

Eventually he discovered the local Punk scene, and Electronic Music/Dance Culture.

He attended his first party/rave in 1994 and fell in love with the scene. It was slowly becoming an open movement and legitimized but he was able to experience plenty of renegades that still are spoken of today.

By his mid-teens he took a break from the dance culture and stepped into the American Gutterpunk scene. From basement shows to squats he took it all in.

Through the punk lifestyle he was exposed to the more art driven side of PGH’s underground scene. This sparked a brief foray into Glam Rock Revival that included T-Rex Tribute Concerts and Drag Artpunk bands like Paul Lynde 451.

He saw acts like Anti-Flag as they began their journey and Aus Rotten. He jumped at the chance to check out creative performances from bands like Atom & His Package, Don Cabalero, and Revo.

Before he exited the Punk movement as it started to morph more into Hardcore/Emo scene, he developed an appreciation for Industrial acts. Every one from mainstream performers like NIN, and Ministry. To pioneers like Throbbing Gristle, Non, Einsturzende Neubauten, and SPK.

By the late 90’s his younger sister had entered into rave culture. This was enough to lure him back.

Instantly he was reminded of all the values true believers of the scene love. He also realized that his love of and talent for making those infamous mixtapes people refer to when talking about the 80’s and 90’s could be translated into a possible career by becoming a DJ.

It took a few years and an amazing sister/group of friends to get his own turntables. During that time he seized any and all chances to play on other people’s gear.

His goal was always club/rave/festival DJ and he had his first performance over seas.

It was 2002 in Skopje, Macedonia. For a month and a half he played every Wednesday on a simple/crude set up.

His first American Performance was in 2004 at an outdoor Festival. He technically wasn’t on the line up but he landed a slot just after sunrise on the last day.

It ended up being a banging tag team set with another DJ from the 412 area and they woke the sleeping party goers for the last burst of fun.

After that he was a regular on the house party scene and occasionally did guest spots at a variety of clubs around the Greater Pittsburgh area. Eventually he landed a spot as the house resident DJ at a small restaurant/club called Karma. He played many different genres depending on the night. Everything from Drum and Bass, Northern Soul to house.

Years before COVID arrived Evol discovered streaming online. He joined a small community of DJs who were doing the same.

Streaming has evolved along with gear, and Evol has kept up with both.

Evol mainly plays bass genres with a focus on Drum and Bass. His love for all genres refuses to let him limit himself.

Evol may not be a turntablist in the true fashion, but he loves an open format. Along with that style he enjoys dropping non dance tracks into his sets unexpectedly.

Djing is not his only love though. He has had side projects incorporating electronic music with traditional instruments.

Evol now has branched into production. He may not be the best at it, but he’s rapidly learning and always happy to consider collaboration with another artist.

Evol is hard working. He keeps current yet embraces the past. He’s willing to work with people in a flexible and respectable way.

He’s also always open to events big and small.

For now, you can mainly find him streaming on, Twitch, Facebook and more.

Evol is sure this website could be better, but he is an ignorant artist. As he learns he will improve its functionality.

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