My first official public appearance at a weekiend long festival in Central PA

As the sun dawned in full force I tagged teamed with DJ Darkcyde. Our Drum & Bass was loud it drew festival goers back to the main area since we were last set.

Chilling at a high line subway station in queens, NY on my way to Manhattan

Names of parties and dates have honestly started to blur. I’m showing my age. Now I keep detailed records of events.

Me. Hammin it up as usual.

It’s an amazing and chilling sight to look out and see people experiencing joy due to your talent

Images of EVOL 1

Is this self explanatory?

Early years. One of the countless weekends spent on the house party circuit

One of my many set ups over the years and def a pic of my most intense, longest laisting relationship. The wheels of steel

Images of EVOL 2

Not comfy havin my pic taken. One of my go to reactions

One of my earlier parties

I want to say this is with DJ eviction my brother in law and amazing dj himself

Wuv. Twoo wuv.

Details...hazy...too. Much. Fun.

My favorite image of my ever changing workspace. For many a reasons. One which is barely visible.

More wuv. As well as wuv for wubs!

Dancers 1

Dancers 2

One of my biggest supporters. My sister. This was eons ago when we both still partied.

Dancers 3

This the way I have learned to cope with selfies. Tilt my head and attempt to glance back a little coy. I think I always fail.

Dancers 4

This is my actual Highschool Senior Picture. Taken by Matthew DiArchangelo

Dancers 4

Failure at being coy 2

The party Proper in 2000.

The first Planet of the Drums Tour.

Young, Young


Eons ago.

Dancers 6

Dancers 7